Since I'm totally into Slovak and Slavic folklore, I started to realize the meaning of certain symbols/symbolism. Yeah, I realized that they have deep spiritual meaning. I was really curious, so I started to look for informations. I found them in books, magazines, Internet… in legends – that is important to mention. Till then I was disregarding that all.

Secondly, I love walking in nature alone, so nobody disturbs me and my thinking – or meditation. When I am in the forest near of my village, I just.. feel it.  :)  It's like a sacred place. Someone could laugh at me, but I believe that fairies and rusalky are there – in the forest (nah, others believe in Jesus or Allah, though they've never seen them). I'm very linked with the place where I was born.

As for offering, it is enough when you give a piece of bread, apple, tomato, carrot or any other fruit, or piece of your clothes under/up a tree, on the bank of a river/brook… and you thank for them. It just has to be honest. The nature – the gods give us everything, so we can live, it's good to thank them for it. It's not just about the Vajano celebrations, though they are important for us too.  ;)


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