Since I'm totally into Slovak and Slavic folklore, I started to realize the meaning of certain symbols/symbolism. Yeah, I realized that they have deep spiritual meaning. I was really curious, so I started to look for informations. I found them in books, magazines, Internet… in legends – that is important to mention. Till then I was disregarding that all.

Secondly, I love walking in nature alone, so nobody disturbs me and my thinking – or meditation. When I am in the forest near of my village, I just.. feel it.  :)  It's like a sacred place. Someone could laugh at me, but I believe that fairies and rusalky are there – in the forest (nah, others believe in Jesus or Allah, though they've never seen them). I'm very linked with the place where I was born.

As for offering, it is enough when you give a piece of bread, apple, tomato, carrot or any other fruit, or piece of your clothes under/up a tree, on the bank of a river/brook… and you thank for them. It just has to be honest. The nature – the gods give us everything, so we can live, it's good to thank them for it. It's not just about the Vajano celebrations, though they are important for us too.  ;)

Thanks Svätoslava, you described it perfectly :) I would like only to add that Slavs always felt tight connection with Rod as supreme god and nature (przyroda in Polish). There are many examples of Slavic vocabulary containing the root ‘-rod’. Some Polish examples: ród, rodzina (family), poród (childbirth), rodzeństwo (sibilings) and many others.


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