I feel that when you find a personal patron deity that (1) it is not always you that chooses the deity, because the one that may seem right for you, might end up having a weaker connection to you than a less obvious choice. And also (2) that this has more to do with how your life honors the gods and their energies already.

For example, someone who is a poet fascinated by nature may be drawn to Veles, but may find out that from searching for the truth and sharing it with others through poetry, that he already has a stronger connection with Triglav than any others.

Worship is as much about action as it is prayer, correct?

If this is so, than someone who worships svarog or svarozycz may consider metalworking or firefighting to be sacred tasks which both honor the gods and strengthen their people.

I think that it changes your life more by allowing you to experience this connection. To feel the spiritual. But that is only my opinion.


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