"It is unlikely that there are honest research on the subject of how much we need immigrants", – the "Komsomolskaya Pravda", the former press spokesman of the Federal Migration Service Konstantin Poltoranin, who was fired last year for publicly expressed words that the white race is endangered and must be protected. This "racism" in the current senior rank of the Russian authorities was not forgiven by FMS. Although, as it turns out now that the immediate cause of the resignation Poltoranin was his refusal to follow the current intra-agency ethics of migration. But this – a little later. And now it is better to continue a monologue of Poltoranin, what caused in Russia in recent years the appearance of hordes of migrant workers.

"For all time of my working in the migration service, I have never seen a serious scientific work, which would determine how much we need workers. Every decision was spontaneous. The same things in other agencies responsible for employment, "- he said

"There are about five departments, which must deal with migration. The number of 10 million of "needed a country of migrants"  – this is nonsense. We do not need  even the number of migrants, which is now. There is already an unmanaged process, and we are long gone "line of no return." Our country has their own citizens in many areas who can not find a job: every workplace is occupied by migrants, "- said Poltoranin ..

"Now we have in Russia, about 7-8 million foreigners are constantly working, it is a statistic of the FMS. And plus another 10 million, there will come to 18 million migrant workers! We will have overtook the number of migrants in the U.S. with a population twice as large and with their developed economy! "- Warns former head of the press service of the FMS.

"There is a displacement of the indigenous ethnic group – he continues. – Conditions are such that most of  jobs existed during the Soviet era, have been destroyed … A vivid example – with the former Yakovlev aircraft factory in Saratov: in its place is now a ditch for the future shopping center. Here you have jobs. Where are all those local workers today? How many people worked there, created those planes? "

By estimates of the ex-head of the press service of the FMS, migrants who came to Russia to work here, transferred to their homeland officially about $ 15 billion a year. "But in fact, by my count – said Poltoranin – this figure comes to $ 50 billion and this does not include Chinese citizens who have about $ 30 billion a year transferred from Russia to their country by their own, separated channels, through Chinese banks that operate here, but check them extremely difficult. Not everyone knows what they have tremendous momentum. The UN estimates that migrant workers around the world transfer to home $ 400 billion, of which approximately $ 50 billion leaked out of Russia. That is my assumption it is supported by these data of the UN. But the money could get our citizens. This is – a huge sum, for example, it is in three times more than is spent annually on upgrading the Russian army. We sponsor the economy of the neighbors, without receiving any economic or political benefits. They do not have in Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan the social programs, spending money to create jobs. Their policy – send excess population in Russia. And all this protest mass exist not in their countries. Unskilled labor, which did not really studied in the school."

"We went from the post-Soviet space very easily – like Poltoranin. – We have thrown everything that we could throw. Threw our Russian ethnos, the Slavic culture. And they were replaced. Now the indigenous citizens of these countries come here to us. Imagine the mentality of people who throws in the slogan "suitcase – train station – Russia": what are they now bring with them when they come to Russia? You expect them to integrate and respect for our culture? .. We threw the Russian language there in the countries of their origin. I have been to  Central Asia, the situation looked. In Kyrgyzstan – more or less stable. In Tajikistan were created only a few colleges, two lessons a week of the Russian language …  They don't need Russian language, it's uninteresting for them. They are cooked in their own juice and live in Russia in enclaves. Language does not interest them. They are not interested in any integration into our society at all. From the graduates of this college with "the teaching of Russian language," our ministry hardly scored 10 people who somehow spoke in Russian. We brought them to Russia to the special facility, as an example of a civilized migration. In the end, after checking out of ten, six were suffering from dangerous contagious diseases, including AIDS … "

"Furthermore, – continues Poltoranin – how their rulers behave in the negotiations, you would have seen! We must pay tribute to their managers, who come here and give us the stringent conditions for their citizens. We, by contrast, are not talking about those Russians who found themselves outside Russia. As if they wouldn't exist. There is no such problem. "

"But our officials, bankers – are also natives of Russia – were trying to question the reporter. – or they just do not see?"  "The Pokrovka (government village) has the VIP-office, where officials draw up travel documents, – answers Poltoranin. – I watched their passports. Many have a mark on the exit and entry, but there's no visa. So, either they have a passport of a foreign state or residence abroad … Here's the way of thinking of our rulers. They have already identified their place of residence. And any conflicts they have insanely afraid. They're against of any manifestations of few hundred or a thousand people on Manezh and Triumfalnaya squares. Now imagine those migrants who flooded the city. They took all the utilities, basements, basement, caravans. Millions of them! And do not think it's – people are weak: they're closely related to each other by ethnic groups. They can be quickly integrated and be programmed for any actions … There is a recognized barrier, the ratio of alien to the indigenous ethnic group of people, after that ethnic clashes start – is 10% of visitors. In our large cities, this barrier is exceeded. "

The prolongation of interview can be read herehttp://www.km.ru/v-rossii/2012/06/06/sotsialnye-problemy-v-rossii/protsess-navodneniya-rossii-migrantami-proshel-toch


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