Laughing at this thread,

there's a whole bunch in my Metro (esp. In Northern Vancouver) and they're not considered European or White.  In fact, there's nothing remarkably different about Iranians from the Pakistani here.    A lot of nightclubs here won't allow Iranians in since they have a reputation for causing fights.  And as Sibiriyak pointed, a lot of them are 'black' or 'mixed'. 

Maybe in America they're seen as white but American application of white doesn't hold much salt in Australia, Canada or Europe.

It's a vague connection at the best.  The Slav's Iranic speaking ancestors (Scythians) never really lived in Iran proper, but to the North.

This is forgotten / lost history but I'm pretty sure the split between Persia and Scythia occured because of religious changes and the religion change was likely a racial one to a large extent (and then another racial change occured when Islam spread to Persia).


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