I also agree with the most of previous users, that since 2000 BC we have lost any contacts with aryan tribes, who came to the territory of modern Iran and some Middle Asian countries. They weren't our neigbours anymore, among the notable contacts with the Slavs I would like to mention the military raids of Cossacks (if you're trying to unite them with Slavs) against Iran and various wars between Russian Empire and the Iranian shahs. I don't see anything friendly in those events, maybe the absence of common borders was even good, because the behavior of iranians wouldn't much differ from Ottomans or Arabs.  Also if we would continue the logic of the previous member, then Turks could be considered as the best friends of Slavs, see here.

It is doubtful if we could speak about any Persians in the present day Iran, as it was correctly said there're a lot of azeris and pakistani, moreover, the majority of azeris is living in Iran, not in their own Azerbaijan. I've seen a lot of azeries in my country, that's why such stories from the USA and Europe don't wonder me. Population having racial type, a little close to the original Aryans are presented by few people in the isolated mountain communities only. With the same chance you can find such people in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Tajikistan, my hope no one here would call their nations "aryan" or "european".

Of course, I support them against israel, but even their anti-zionism likely will not make them "aryan" :



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