Geneticaly speaking if we consider R1a1a Iranians dont fair so badly IMO. From prespective of R1a1a Iranians are more related to us than much of Western Europe but that is just one part of gene as i understand genetics (which i dont understand very well) so it isnt representive. :)

Well I don't know a lot about genetics aswell but you can't compare Iranians to Slavs only because of one haplogroup. A genotype is the product of many gene interactions, so having in common just one doesn't mean much.

But no, I don't find anything in common with Iranians. Slavs are descendant of Scythians, and they had a lot to do with Persians, but Persian blood barely survived to this day. Better for us not to associate with them, our brothers are exclusively European folk who have preserved the "Aryan" blood.


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