I don’t think Sami are related anyhow to Finno-Ugric people like the Finns. Sami are invaders from Siberia, related to populations like the Samoyed. Finns are more or less European in phenotype, even those with round faces and slanted eyes (and many Russians are like that too), that’s called the East – Baltic race, it’s a mixture of Alpinic people and Nordic people. Northwestern Russians are mainly Vepsian (Finnic people) in their origin, that’s the reason of the resemblance among some Russians and Finns. Aye, one of the 3 founding people of medieval Russia were Finno-Ugric tribes. They were called Chuds (something in the line of “strange people”) by Slavs when they first met them, I think mainly because they were primitive people and Slavs conquered them easily because of their tech advantage (They didn’t even have metalworkers among them as far as I recall).

I view Finns negatively, they are very ungrateful towards Russians, under whose rule Helsinki was founded and the Parliament was established. They are extremely Russophobic, they slaughtered Russians during Winter war and Continuation war (not only soldiers but also civilians). But on the other hand I also respect them for pulling off the greatest military rape in history, also for having a good economy and very high HDI without succumbing to multiculturalism.

Also my Russian friends tend to make jokes about them, as I understand Russians view them as slow and not very bright people  ;D


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