@Russians, i didn’t know they have those stereotypes of Finns ;D

You are entirely correct in your first statement, Finnish, Estonian, Hungarian and Sami (there are more) are all Uralic languages. The whole Fennoscandian – North Russian territory is united linguistically, I’ve read on some forum that in fact Finnish “Soumi” and Russian “Semlja” have same origin. But I don’t know if that makes them genetically the same, there are many theories about this. IMO they were Finnish slaves in the past when Finnish people migrated from Asia and maybe they adopted their language? Sami or Lapps were also very backward in the past, preserving their stone age culture for centuries.

About the Russian stereotype, I didn’t know it either my friend just told me a joke about it last month.
Five Russians go to the Finnish border in a Audi 4. The Finn working at the customs asks them how is it possible that there are 5 Russians in and Audi 4. The Russians explain him it has nothing to do with the car number. The Finn then goes to his Custom Officer explaining the situation. The Officers replies, “Oh that is nothing, I saw earlier 4 Russians in a Fiat Uno (1), How do you explain that??

It’s a stupid joke allright, but it explains pretty well how Russians view them as slow and “unresponsive” people. My friend also said that they have to speak slowly when speaking to Finns and Estonians 


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