Russification of Finland is common myth among Finis nationalists. There were certain movments to impose imperial laws as superior over laws of Grand Duchy. (Imposing of Russian currency and stamps and giving official status to Orthodox Church and Russian language, equal to status of Lutheran church and Swedisha and Finnish languages, well even now Finnish Orthodox Church, while having smal population, have equal status with Luteran Church of Finland).

Well few wrong statments. First Sweden was absolute monarchy in time when Finland was taken over by Russians. King Gustav III (1746–1792) came to the throne in 1771, and in 1772 led a coup d’état, with French support, that established him as an “enlightened despot,” who ruled at will. That policy of Swedish kings was followed till their defeat in 1809. Even after that Swedish Kings were rulling in authoriatative manner till end of World War II. Sweden was not democratic society.
Second thing is, while Russia was abolute monarchy, Finlad hase great degree of autonomy, it had different system of government (constituional monarchy)
And, while having different political system, Russia was not alien. There is significant portion of Finno-Ugrian population in northern Russia, there was long history of political and cultural interaction between two peoples. Russians did not fell from sky, they lived in neigbourghood for 1000 years. 

Well, in Finland ituation was different, burghers used Swedish not just in town halls but in their houses also. You did not have any significant use of Finnis instead in parish churches. You in Slovenia had extensive literature, you had your newspapers, such things did not exist in Finnish. Swedes would not need to force them, they allready speaked Swedish by choice, it was Kingdom’s language.
If you wish to make comparsions, I would compare it to situation in Bruxeles, which from Flemish transformed in Frankophone city, or with similar process in Dunkirk, Gravelines and Bourbourg


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