*sigh* MYTH????? what do you call that other than attempted Russification. Nicholas clearly wanted to eliminate the “autonomous” part out of the duchy of Finland, do not deny this. He also wanted to introduce Russian language as administration language. But really Russian censorship was the last straw for the Finnish people. Those were slowly and patiently passed as laws because the czaar attempted slyly to Russify the Finns, not really different from Swedish rule.

Second thing is, while Russia was abolute monarchy, Finlad hase great degree of autonomy, it had different system of government (constituional monarchy)
And, while having different political system, Russia was not alien. There is significant portion of Finno-Ugrian population in northern Russia, there was long history of political and cultural interaction between two peoples. Russians did not fell from sky, they lived in neigbourghood for 1000 years. 

For a all-knowing semantics doctor like you, you should really educate yourself on the meaning of constitutional monarchy. The constitution limited the monarchs power, and Sweden had a constitution in 1720. Gustav III absolute monarchy was a very limited one, you cannot compare it remotely to the Oriental despotisim in Russia (shaped by the mongols btw), not even Gustav IV autocratic reign. Russian monarchy resisted change like any other monarchy of Europe. And Russian feudalism was far too alien for a nordic country like Finland.

Second, how is the north-western population of Russia (who are Veps btw, and distantly related to Finns)
being similar to Finnish population RELEVANT at all in this discussion? I fail to see. Croatians and Serbs are ethnically very similar yet they were LIGHTYEARS apart in past centuries when one was under Austrian rule and the other was under Ottoman rule. To refresh your memory, my statement was that Russian rule was alien to Finland. Government doesn’t have anything to do with cultural interaction, what a fallacious statement on your part.

And yes, Finland was an autonomous duchy but Russian rulers wanted to change that, they wanted to eliminate the autonomy.

Educate yourself: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Russification_of_Finland

I’d prefer Russia over Finland a 1000x but I don’t let my Russophilia cloud my judgment.


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