I am always confused and a bit sad, when people assume that being hostile toward Russia goes with pair with loving the USA and vice versa. Personally, I dislike both – America maybe even more (although it would probably depend on the case). We have plenty reasons to dislike Russia, and as someone said before – threatening Poland is not a kind gesture. As far as I know it was not Zhirinovsky who said such things, but may be wrong now. It was some time ago.

Negative attitude toward Russians as a nation is a different matter. What is most important in our relations is their support for the Soviets and generally speaking imperialistic history that usually resulted in bloodshed. I, personally, am usually neutral at first toward Russians – I have some dose of scepticism about them, but I cannot say I hate them, as it would be an ultimate lie. Maybe also Russian temper is another notable factor of some ammount of hostility toward Russians, as we Poles have our Polish temper which is pretty similiar. Just imagine two arguing fierce ladies who are trying to prove their point to each other. Pretty much the same – more yelling than anything important. Who shouts louder wins the debate.

Positive attitude toward America is also quite complicated. If you will ask a random Pole: “What comes to your mind first when you hear ‘America'”, most likely the answer would be “war”. I would rather consider them as a necessary ally, not a friend. Obviously I talk about politics here, not about the attitude toward some random American fellas.


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