Russification would be (in my book) assimilation in Russian ethnicity, this was introduction of indemocratic means of rule. Personally, I think all conquest of Finland was unecessary scheme, becaues it was Napoleon’s design, not something usefull for Russia. Anyway, untill I saw reall attamepts of Russification (enforcing of Russian in education, Luteran church, press…) it will be myth for me.

Carelians, they are not distantly related to Finns, they are something akin to Serbs and Croats. Finnish language revival was based arround Carelian poem.

Well, there are several major influences on Russian absolutism, but non of them is Mongol. Major influence was enlightened absolutism, same form exercised by Gustav III and Catherine II, later it got beuracrotized, since it is absolutism it is undemocratic, etc but still it is not oriental despotism, and there is no limited absoultism. It is oxymoron. For entire time when Russian serfdom and Grand Duchy of Finland coexisted, there was no problems, problems are of later date. And nobody tried to force Russian feudalism on Finland.

And yet it is matter of politics not matter of assimilation.


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