Ahh you are persistent Dalibor.
What, you think assimilation would happen overnight? Sweden assimilated them in the course of CENTURIES, firstly and foremostly they made them adopt their political system, then the religion (Christianization of pagan Finland by Swedish monks), then the final blow was the language. In the end there was little reason for a Finn to rebel. Now I gave you that link earlier to wikipedia not for you to wipe your ass with it but to read it. You will see some similarities. Firstly Russian administrative language, then religion (Orthodoxy) and so forth. You cannot possibly think they would assimilate them ethnically in a century.

Karelians??? Really??? “Karelians have been declining in numbers in modern times significantly due to a number of factors. These include the low birthrates (characteristic of the region in general) and especially Russification, due to the predominance of Russian language and culture. This trend continues to this day, and may cause the disappearance of Karelians as a distinct group.” You have given ammunition for my argument here, brother. Karelians are slowly being Russified. You should also educate yourself about Vepsians, who were completely Russified. What is the guarantee same wouldn’t happen to Finns?

No. You cannot deny Mongol infulence among Russian rulers. Mongols did not have any genetic impact among Russians, allright, but they DID have a cultural impact. They shaped the Absolutist Monarchy, the Communist regime, hell even today highly hierarchical structure in Russia is partly due to mongol rule.

“Historians have debated the long-term influence of Mongol rule on Rus society. The Mongols have been blamed for the destruction of Kievan Rus’, the breakup of the ancient Rus nationality into three components, and the introduction of the concept of “oriental despotism” into Russia.” – Wikipedia

http://econfaculty.gmu.edu/bcaplan/museum/zarframe.htm – Read and learn Dalibor, then come to discuss with me. You can’t teach you father how to f***.

Yes yes the enlightened absolutism, but that only came later in 18th century in ALL European countries, not only Sweden and Russia. Deep in it’s roots Russia’s enlightened absolutism had some oriental despotic values. And you are wrong, absolutism can vary, in THEORY it should not vary, in PRACTICE it has a lot of VARIABLES. Again, read and learn –

“In theory, the absolute monarch exercises total power over the land and its subject people, yet in practice the monarchy is counter-balanced by political groups from among the social classes and castes of the realm: the aristocracy, clergy (see caesaropapism), bourgeoisie, and proletarians.” – Wikipedia

Oxymoron my @$$!

Now, about Gustav III rule (you brought him up)
– “The new constitution of August 20, 1772 which Gustav III of Sweden imposed upon the terrified Riksdag of the Estates at the bayonet’s point, converted a weak and disunited republic into a strong but limited monarchy, in which the balance of power inclined, on the whole, to the side of the monarch.” – Again, wikipedia.

Fins and Russians lived peacefully together until the beggining of Russification, EOD.


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