Exactly. Whatever. I am sick and tired reading Polish complaints about Germany and Russia occupied Poland while Poles were doing exactly the same to weaker states – Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuania, Czechoslovakia.

I checked some figures.

2/3 of all Orthodox churches were transformed to Catholic churches by
1939 in Volyn and western Belarus. There were no schools in native languages left by 1939. All cultural centres
were also closed down by Polish authorities.

A memo of a magistrate of Bialystok Ostaszewski to the
ministry of internal affairs of Poland titled as “Problems of
strengthening the Polish holding position in Białystok Voivodeship”:

“Sooner or later , the Belarusian population will be polonised. They
represent a passive crowd without broad national consciousness, without
their own state traditions. Wanting to speed this process, we must
overcome the ancient Belarusian culture. In townships where Belarusians
live culture should certainly raised to material
culture of Poles. This is one basic principle of Polish expansion. To
put it briefly, our attitude towards the Belarusians can be formulated
as follows : we want and insist that this ethnic minority thought as
Poles — not to give anything in return and not doing anything in a
different way”.

This is just one example in Bialystok region. The same principles were applied in western Ukraine and south-eastern Lithuania. Polonisation was all over western Ukraine and
Belarus and south-eastern Lithuania, which resulted in bloodshed in western

After Molotov-Ribbentrop pact for around 3 weeks in September or October  of 1939 ( I cannot recall the exact month) common Belarusian folks went on a rampage against Polish administration in western Belarus. It was not as ugly as in western Ukraine, but the sentiment was clear among local population. The bloodshed was stopped after Soviet authorities arrived and intervened.


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