You are forgoting significant difference and it was degree cultural development of Finns in XIII and XIV century. And I repeat it was all in political context, to make Finlan part of Russia instead of Grand Duchy in personal Union with Russia. If you could concentrate on proper point of dicussion then do it.

And I guess it is maybe appropriate for you to mention rectum in every second sentence of yours, but please keep in mind this is not dirty site, nor place where persons with lack of arguments and preference for vulgarity could earn social recognition which they certainly lack in real world.

I am denying it, so what? Mongols were on lesser cultural level than Russians.  Well if you could please elaborate on Mongol oriental despotism, I would like to hear that new enlightning theory in world historiography. You could no look for democratical  institutions in medieval times. Person who killed Russian parlaimetarism was Peter the Great, before him there was Boyarian Duma.

Historians debated does not mean historians reache agreement.

Wikipedia is ultimate source of human knowledge. Howeer, previous definition could not be aplied on Russian absolute monarchy? I guess that political groups did not owerthrow him?

No you did not, you just mentioned somebodies rectum in each sentence of yours, told me how I have inclination to learn my father how to have sexual intercourse, and implied how I am iliterate, who would be offended by such kind words.


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