Poland fought for remaining independent.
Belarusians and (Western) Ukrainians were in alliance with Poland and fought against bolsheviks.
Poland annexed the territories of Czechoslovakia, but please check out why, and then figure out who started the tensions.

I am not saying Poland was innocent. But seriously, in your opinion Poland should keep communist names because of some wars it waged in the past? Similarly maybe Germans should have a Piłsudski Strasse because the Teutonic Order was fighting against Poland? Not the best way of reasoning.

PS. After Peace of Riga, Poland basically retrieved some of the lands that before the partitions belonged to Poland. It is difficult to talk about “occupation” when in fact every neighbouring country was doing exactly the same and was trying to gain as much as could.

You can also talk about the occupation of Ukrainian lands, but in fact Galicia for instance was mostly inhabited by Poles, not Ukrainians.


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