Oh Jesus. I was having arguments on other forums and usually they got heated and strong languages was involved and people were fine by that (just aggressive way of having arguments, nothing more). I will mind myslef from now on. I am deeply sorry. Also the father thing, it was simply a metaphor not to teach people who know better than you, I really didn’t mean to imply what you wrote, c’mon don’t be such a wet blanket.
Ok rules of this forum is you must have monotonous argument and I will abide by the rules, I am sorry again. (Ps I would not be offended by it, in fact the father metaphor was used on me and I wasn’t)

Now, let’s return to where we left.

I am denying it, so what? Mongols were on lesser cultural level than Russians.  Well if you could please elaborate on Mongol oriental despotism, I would like to hear that new enlightning theory in world historiography. You could no look for democratical  institutions in medieval times. Person who killed Russian parlaimetarism was Peter the Great, before him there was Boyarian Duma.

The degree of cultural development of Finns? Well I don’t know if it really matters that much. The point was that Russians planned on Russifying Finland, like they did to the Veps, like they are doing to Karelians now. Nothing wrong with that, I think Russian culture is great and indeed it needs to be spread.
Swedes however did it much more smartly and smoothly IMO, that was my point why they were succesful.

Regarding mongols being inferior culturally to the Russians, well that’s kinda obvious isn’t it. Russians were lightyears ahead of mongols, but can a culturally backward society impact a more advanced society? Well if it imposes itself with violence it certainly can. It is widely accepted that this “oriental despotism” indeed entered Russian culture. In what poor quantity it is debatable, but environmental and circumstantial factors shaped Russia (just like any other country). Unfortunately Russia succumbed to mongol rule when other European countries were having a renaissance, when concepts like freedom and secularism developed, you cannot tell me there are no repercussions because of that.


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