Really, really, really try to like them. Really do.

I like the look of their nation, the beautiful snow fields and forests, cultural dress, their heavy metal, good looking women, isolated, strange language, and general mystery of the place. I like that they're not really Scandinavian and differ from them.

But I can't like them. I just can't. They're far too pro-West, when their alliegances should lie with our folk over in Eastern Europe, as they themselves are an Eastern people. As mentioned here, their Russiophobia is quite irksome.

They're kind of like a fat girlfriend. She was fat when she started dating you, then you managed to get her into a good shape, then she dumps you because she's hot. Ungrateful.

Finns are annoying, and the few I've met have been among the most unimpressive human beings I've ever encountered.


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