I've been thinking of learning another language and old slavic looks really appealing to me. But, if if I'm going to learn another slavic language it might be a waste to not learn russian or maybe even polish since both have millions of speakers. Old slavic is dead but damn it just looks so cool when written on paper. have you seen the glagolitic script? It's like something from Lord of the Rings :P

How similar do you think it is with russian? Could I learn russion quickly if I know OCS?

It is closer to Serbian and Bulgarian acctually, since being Southern Slavic. If you know modern form (Church Slavoni) you could learn Russian, since it is Russian version. Old Chrurch Slavonic, (older form) is more archaic, but modern Russian is under heavy influence of Church Slavonic, and Southern Slavic languages as well, so OCS could be helpfull as well.


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