Is the OCS vocabulary sufficient to use the language in everyday life?

Well, yes. But again it si dead language, and primarily language of Liturgy and Theology. It was also literary and administrative language of Orthodox Slavs for canturies (thats why it is interesting for Historians and Theorists of Literature). Also because it is first Slavic languge to be used as literary it is interesting to Linguists-Slavists. Also interesting is because it shaped modern Russian in certain way. Modern version brought East Slavic influences on Southern Slavs, so it could be interesting from that point. But again that language is primarily language of chants today. It is hard to understand to all Slavs since it is pretty archaic. (even Southern)

katafrakt, church slavonic doesnt have to be written in glagolitic or cyrillic…
script is script, language is language  ;)

Hm, well cyrillic and glagolitic are OCS/CS scripts. You must to knew one of them to wrote and read it. Romanization (Latin translation) is used for short citations, showing of examples etc, or sometimes in internet). It would like learning Greek without knewing Greek script.


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