I have been looking for the same kind of books, myself. I have found very few. Most of what I can find are books on polish folklore. There is not much information about Rodnovery/Rodzima Wiara/Slavic Paganism that I can find in english. And much of what I have found lacks good scholarship. But here are four titles that helped me so far and a list of others that I am looking for and have heard god things about:

A World Remembered – Marian Moore Coleman
The Balts – Marija Gimbutas
Russian Folk Belief – Linda J. Ivanits
Balkan Traditional Witchcraft – Radomir Ristic

The Slavs – Marija Gimbutas
The Bath House at Midnight – W.F. Ryan
Perun: The God of Thunder – Mark Yoffe
Native Faith: Polish Neo-Paganism at the Brink of the 21st Century – Scott Simpson
Witchcraft in Early Modern Poland – Wanda Wyprporska

I have also found references to old polish monster/spirit creature lore in books like The Last Wish by Andzrej Sapkowski. And I have also found some comparison references to the books I have read in the lyrics of Metal Bands from Slavic countries like Arkona, Radogost, Nokturnal Mortum, Crystal Viper, etc.
I hope this small list helps!  :)


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