I suspect not everyone will like this music but it a famous and influential piece composed by Russian composer Igor Starvinsky and choreographed by Polish choreographer Vaslav Nijinsky in 1913.

The Rite of Spring (Original Russian title: Весна священная ) is often held up as a masterwork that changed modern music forever. Music commentator Miles Hoffman takes the distinction one step further. "The Rite of Spring," Hoffman says, "represents one of the greatest creative leaps in not only the history of music, but in the history of the arts."Stravinsky's music is famous for causing a riot at its premiere.

"The ballet was choreographed by the great Nijinsky," Hoffman says, "and the noise, fighting, and shouting in the audience got so loud, he had to shout out the numbers to the dancers so that they knew what they were supposed to do." One shrewd musicologist wrote that "the pagans on stage made pagans of the audience."

Hoffman says that the idea of pagans is right on the mark."The subtitle of The Rite of Spring," Hoffman says, "is 'Pictures of Pagan Russia,' a celebration of pagan rituals that eventually leads to a sacrifice of a chosen young woman to propitiate the gods of spring. It's not what you call a happy tale."

"It's a shocking piece," Hoffman says. "It's still startling to us today when we hear it, but it is not a confusing piece. It's compelling. We're hearing irregular rhythms, we're hearing instruments asked to go to the extremes of their capability, but we're also hearing patterns that we recognize, with pacing, contrast, fascinating harmonies, continuity — all the basic principles of what makes a piece of music work are all there. And that shows us the secret of Stravinsky's genius."

The Rite of Spring also opened doors to countless possibilities for future composers."It liberated many composers," Hoffman says, "and there were many imitators. I don't think you can listen to modern movie music without sooner or later hearing the influence of Stravinsky and the Rite.

Stravinsky's own description of his inspiration: “I had a fleeting vision that came to me as a complete surprise … I saw in imagination a solemn pagan rite: sage elders, seated in a circle, watching a young girl dance herself to death. They were sacrificing her to propitate the god of spring”.


The Rite of Spring is divided into two parts : Adoration of the Earth and The Exalted Sacrifice

Stravinsky- Rite of Spring "Opening"

Stravinsky- Rite of Spring "Sacrificial Dance"


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