Ján Bahýľ (25 May 1856 – 13 March 1916) was a Slovak inventor and constructor. He was working on several problems from the areas of military science, military construction, engineering etc. Among others, he focused on flying machines. In 1895, he was granted a patent on helicopter.

Jozef Murgaš (17 February 1864 – 11 May 1929) was a Slovak inventor, architect, botanist, painter, patriot, and Roman Catholic priest. He contributed to wireless telegraphy and help develop mobile communications and wireless transmission of information and human voice. Murgaš was nicknamed the Radio Priest and deemed a Renaissance man.

Peter Dvorský (born 25 September 1951) is a Slovak operatic tenor. Possessing a lyrical voice with a soft, elastic tone, and warm and melodious timbre, Dvorský’s repertoire concentrates on roles from the Italian and Slavic repertories. Dvorský was highly esteemed by Luciano Pavarotti, who referred to him several times as, “my legitimate successor”. Although his career has never been that of a superstar, he has become one of the leading tenors of his generation.

Lucia Poppová (12 November 1939 – 16 November 1993) was a Slovak operatic soprano. She began her career as a soubrette soprano, and later moved into the light-lyric and lyric coloratura soprano repertoire and then the lighter Richard Strauss and Wagner operas. Her career included performances at Vienna State Opera, the Metropolitan Opera, Covent Garden, and La Scala. Popp was also a highly regarded recitalist and lieder singer.

Edita Gruberová (born December 23, 1946), is a Slovak soprano who is one of the most acclaimed coloraturas of recent decades. She is noted for her great tonal clarity, agility, dramatic interpretation, and ability to sing high notes with great power, which made her an ideal Queen of the Night in her early years.


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