Well it's plausible, we are doing the same. Someday in our future, we will create a tool with a self-aware AI capable of reproducing itself, of organic rather than metal substance. Send it to some distant planet to observe or terraform it for our arrival. Building enough technological basis on the planet for us to plug-in and draw the resources from, instead of shipping everything by hand. Like Mars One project, but instead of Humans, AI Bio Tools ©, capable of self-reproduction.

The question is, will the tool function as planned, or malfunction and 'rebel' against its creators. As long as the tool's AI is programmed to be unaware of its link to us, it will probably function as planned, all it needs is a constant internal software update, in the form of new ideas to proceed with the task. The software update would launch with every new technological milestone achieved; self-preservation (survival) -> internal-communication between units (language) -> protection against external factors (architecture) -> network efficiency (politics) -> technological research … and who knows maybe one day, if all goes as planned … -> AI link awareness to the programmer (transcendence)


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