Sumerians had almost correct sun system drawn on their tablets representing our galaxy while Medieval Europe thought earth is a flat plate held by elephants.

This is widespread misconception about middle ages but already in early middle ages believe in spherical earth became predominant altho some still believed in flat earth however most scholars already agreed earth was spherical. But they did have wierd theories on antipodes. Anyway similar myth is about opponents of Columbus which is again un-true;

The Myth of the Flat Earth

We all know that Christopher Columbus encountered stiff resistance about his idea of sailing off West to try and reach the East Indies. Many of us have laboured under the impression that people were concerned that he would sail off the edge of the Earth which was widely believed to be flat. History is thought to have vindicated Columbus against those filled with the Christian superstition of a flat Earth who held on to old fashioned beliefs. A minority of people are even under the impression that Galileo's trial centred on the subject rather than whether the Earth orbited the sun.

It comes as some surprise, therefore, to find that Columbus was wrong and his critics were right – not because the world is actually flat after all, but because at the time everyone knew it was a globe and were arguing about how big it was. The idea that the uncouth people of the Middle Ages thought the Earth was flat is an example of the myth that has been propagated since the nineteenth century to give us a quite unfair view of this vibrant and exciting period.


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