So all those 'End of days' stories could be true. When the creator arrives to observe the work, and finds it accomplished, we will be turned off. Only those 'AI programs' that don't malfunction are preserved for further tasks (heaven), on some other planet or the same perhaps, the other malfunctioned ones are deleted (hell). Therefore reincarnating the same 'AI programs' in a new 'Tool', optimised but cleansed of unnecessary data (memories of past incarnations).

The AI, or our 'souls' have an understanding of the system as an innate knowledge, but are unable to perceive its origin as well as its construction. We see beyond our empirical and rational knowledge, but are unable to grasp it consciously.

As long as we are not consciously aware of our task (rationalism over nativism), we are going to proceed achieving it, therefore coming one step closer to the 'End of our days', or our expiration date.


One also has to bear in mind, that maybe we will be the first creator. Or that the creator used us to preserve his culture, tradition, heritage and technology for further development as a sort of a backup, namely all that innate knowledge and imagination we as humans perceive, but do not consciously grasp (mysticism, religion, fantasy etc.).


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