Well we can hardly compare them with christian-dominated Europe in middle ages, that does not really represent the depth of European knowledge. For example the most accurate calendar ever comes from ancient Scandinavians (28 days per 13 months, plus 1 day not present in any of the months). Better than any Sumeran or Mayan.

Regarding the thread, I read something about an Azerbeijani author who though Sumerans destroyed each other with nuclear weapons given to them by the Annunaki aliens (something like that), so I always regarded this as nonsense.  However there are many breakthroughs regarding ancient Sumerans, so I guess one should keep their mind open about such matters…

Of course, thought then again they predate vikings for some 3000+ years ;D either way they were very sophisticated.

As for them i as well usually looked at it as a nonsense, actually still do thought now for the first time i started to actually look videos and archaeology pictures taken on Sumerian excavations and many of the things are interesting and certainly do give you material to think about

Ziggurat of Ur, 4000 years old


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