Of course, thought then again they predate vikings for some 3000+ years ;D either way they were very sophisticated.

As for them i as well usually looked at it as a nonsense, actually still do thought now for the first time i started to actually look videos and archaeology pictures taken on Sumerian excavations and many of the things are interesting and certainly do give you material to think about

Well If mesopotamian civilization started somewhere 4000 a.C. and Nordic bronze culture (not civilization!) in 1700, then it would be actually 2300 years. But I get your point, they were advanced no matter how you look at it (no wonder their etnonym means "civilized people".)

However I don't know if I would relate their advancement to extraterrestrial causes, rather I think they have something in common with proto-Indo europeans. You have related in some posts Indians with Aryans because some blue eyed individuals, well I'd do the same with Sumerans since their descendants (Chaldeans/Assyrians) are also rarely light eyed.

But anyway I think we should firstly study more plausible reasons fot their technological and cultural advancement, and then later move to alien kings theories.


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