Kvas (Квас) is a very popular non-alcoholic drink in Russia. When I was a child Kvas was sold on the streets in our city. My grandparents were making kvas from bread cramps at home. Now, we can purchase kvas in shops sold in bottles which usually doesn’t taste good.  I like home-made Kvas better. Kvas is a summer drink.
There are different varieties of kvas . One particular kvas is made from honey. Do not confuse it with another traditional drink Medovuha.

Medovuha (Медовуха) is an alcoholic drink made from honey. It’s sweet with a bit of gas and it’s alcoholic. I tried it few times before and I am not a big fan of the drink.

Mors (Морс) is a traditional non-alcoholic drink made from juice of berries and fruits with water and a little bit of sugar added. My Mum was making it for us at home. My favourite Mors is  made from cranberries (клюква). Mors is a summer drink.

Sbiten’ (сбитень) is a hot traditional drink made from honey. It is alcoholic like medovuha and it’s drunk in winter.

Компот (compot) is a traditional drink which arrived in Russia 200-300 years ago in Russia. This drink not as old as kvas or medovuha. Compot is made from fruits and berries. In kindergarten and primary school we were given this drink. I don’t drink compot anymore.

Kisel’ (Кисель) is another traditional drink usually drank in colder months. Like compot it’s made from fruits and berries with addition of starch which makes its texture thicker. The drink gained popularity 200-300 years ago in Russia.


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