You can blame the director or the cameraman here.

If foreigners won't recognise Sudžuk, then they aren't going to recognise any other Serbian food. The video is made to inform foreigners on Serbian food.

Well if they recognize Serbian food then they have already been introduced to Serbian food. ;)  The object should have been to appeal to the senses of foreigners who don't know about Serbian food.  I get it all. I'm a foreigner here in Srbija. I've been here for 2.5 years, too.  But prior to moving here, I wouldn't have understood this sausage thumbnail. And as a person who, prior to moving here, didn't care for sausage type meats much, it wouldn't have been helpful to attract me to Serbian foods. That's why I say they should have gone with a broader image of various foods for the thumbnail image. Some with variety that appeals to more people. (I'm in marketing – sorry. I just think about these things all the time.)


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