It's a parody, guys ;D I don't actually hate the West. I just changed some words to fit Slavs. I still believe Slavs are the greatest though.

Being Albanian is like being given a gift from God.

An advanced super race, with their own language, customs, culture, traditions and a rich history. A people who stand strong in the face of imperialism and West-European stupidity. Strong economy, strong army, strong nation, the proud Shqipëtar stands armed and ready to defend his pure nation from the wraths of sub-human, Bosnians, Serbs, Croatians, and other sub-human, animalistic, Slavic, animals. Oh how I thank God that I was born a handsome, tall, perfect Albanian warrior.

With dual histories, one from the great Ottoman warriors, discoverers, inventors, and intellectuals and another from the grandeur of the Albanian masters of Eastern-Europe I can proudly stand tall and say I am proud to be Albanian, and I will love my land until the very last day.

Long live Albania.

In the original text; one fact follows another. I am glad to see that you see us almost side by side with the Shqipëtars in our greatness Svevlad, but do you think we will ever be so great? :)


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