SO what. It fits better to Serbs. Ottoman veziers of Serbian ancestry made Ottoman Empire one greatest power in World, shiptars ruined it. Historical fact. You could not compare shiptar intelectuals and inventors to Serbian one. They have one great warior. (Who happens to be of Serbian ancestry), Serbs have lot.
Only stupidity was that about anti-Slavic. Serbs are Slavs. Gypsies on other hand are not. And Serbs do not see Croats and Bosniaks as sub-humans. Yes we had lot of conflicts, but we still consider them our kin.
On other hand, Svevlad this is your "Serbian" version:

Being Serbian is like being given a gift from God.

An advanced super race, with their own language, customs, culture, traditions and a rich history. A people who stand strong in the face of imperialism and West-European stupidity. Strong economy, strong army, strong nation, the proud Shqipëtar stands armed and ready to defend his pure nation from the wraths of sub-human, Bosnians, gypsies, Croatians, and other sub-human, animalistic, Slavic, animals. Oh how I thank God that I was born a handsome, tall, perfect Albanian warrior.

With dual histories, one from the great Ottoman warriors, discoverers, inventors, and intellectuals and another from the grandeur of the Serbian masters of Eastern-Europe I can proudly stand tall and say I am proud to be Serbian, and I will love my land until the very last day.

Long live Serbia.

Some shiptar troll tought he would be funny.


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