Well, it depends on how long you want to stay. Slovakia is not large country so within a week you can see whole country.

Well, probably between 4-7 days. I would like to see a bit of everything: folklore, castles, art galleries(specialy printmakings if I can find). For sure I will visit Bratislava, because the bus is going there. Beside this I saw one topic started by Svatoslava ( http://www.slavorum.com/index.php/topic,544.0.html ) about Čičmany. So those two places I want to see for sure. But beside this I'm not decided what I want to see. As more things I'm seeing about Slovakia, I'm getting more confused, because I have the feeling that everything deserve to be seen. I have more than one month to decide. I was thinking if to stay in the aree which is between Bratislava and  Čičmany or to go also in other part. Orava castle is also very tempting, I'm seeing it every time in my road to Poland.

Mainly depends also about how expensive Slovakia is and especially how expensive is to travel by train and bus. Or maybe is better to travel by hitchhiking? Can you give me an advice  :)?


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