Al locului, here are pictures of castles and nature of Slovakia and Slovakia's top:




Although my country is little, one can see so much here.  :)  4-7 days, hmm, I think it would be better to stay in Western part of Slovakia, because there is also much to see.

Besides Bratislava (don't forget to visit Devín castle near of Bratislava)


and Čičmany, you should see Bojnice castle which belongs to the most visited places in Slovakia (btw. it's near of Čičmany);


then Trenčín castle which is in a nice town Trenčín;

In the picture you can see a big hotel (just under the castle). It's the hotel Tatra where you can go and ask a receptionist about the Laugaricio inscription which can be seen from a window of the hotel. Laugaricio inscription's history: During the course of the Marcomannic Wars between the Roman Empire and Germanic Quadi, the Romans carved an inscription on the rock under the present-day castle in 179 CE and the place was mentioned as Laugaricio. It is the northernmost known presence of the Romans in Central Europe.

then Beckov castle which is on the way from Bratislava to Trenčín

[img width=700 height=491]http://photo.vivo.sk/jpeg/3650/139652/_n/6655545/Beckov” />

as well as Čachtice castle where the "Blood Countess" Elizabeth Bathory lived and was supposed to kill and torture maids;


if you will have a little time, you can also visit Smolenice castle which is close to a town Trnava (near of Bratislava);

[img width=700 height=499]http://www.cestovnyinformator.sk/show/picture/objectId/1911/pictureNumber/3_orig/name/obec-smolenice-smolenicky-zamok.jpeg” />

yes, Orava castle, as you mentioned;

[img width=700 height=525]http://www.horsanahory.sk/wp-content/gallery/oravsky-hrad/orava-3.jpg” />

by the way, on the way from Trenčín to Orava castle, there is a town Žilina and close to it you can find another beautiful ruins in a nice nature – Strečno castle


and Lietava castle which is interesting due to <a href="http://www.slavorum.com/index.php/topic,449.msg5675.html#msg5675">its pagan past</a>;


then there is a town Nitra which is important for the Slovak history. See <a href="http://www.slavorum.com/index.php/topic,546.0.html">the Principality of Nitra</a>;

[img width=700 height=525]http://photo.vivo.sk/jpeg/1324/84011/_n/3e2bec/Nitriansky-hrad-II” />

close to Nitra is Topoľčianky manor house.


As for the galleries, check out Bratislava's galleries http://www.gmb.sk/en/  and  http://www.bratislavaguide.info/bratislava-galleries.html
and museums  http://www.muzeum.bratislava.sk/en/index.asp + there is also a museum in Bratislava castle :


Check also http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Primate's_Palace where you can see English gobelins.

As for another nice towns, I recommend you to visit old mining towns as Kremnica (there is the Kremnica mint as the oldest enterprise in the world which operates without any break. The coins have been made here since 1328 and – for instance – the Slovak Euro-coins are punched here as well)


and Banská Štiavnica;

[img width=444 height=700]http://photo.vivo.sk/jpeg/2691/107894/_n/937bb7/Banska-Stiavnica” />

by the way, near of them is a town Zvolen with this castle;


and there is also a town Banská Bystrica just next to Zvolen.


As for the mountains, we have Tatry mountains in North Slovakia, but you would have to extend your trip "a bit".


So, these are touristic attractions in this part of Slovakia (besides Tatry mountains)…    I hope I helped you somehow.

[img width=700 height=387]http://i1067.photobucket.com/albums/u432/Svaetoslava/Slovak%20stuff/len_rada_turistke.jpg” />


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