The relations between Macedonians and Bulgarians reminds me that of Russians and Ukrainians. Ukrainians are trying to remove everything that is associated with Russia and Soviet era. Most Ukrainians lived with Russians longer than Belarusians. Russians are feeling they are acontinuation of Russian empire and Soviet Union getting unhappy about what Ukrainians are removing monuments, changing the names of the streets, square, cities, banning many propagandistic Russian books and movies etc .

If it was up to me I would have done the same in Belarus. There are many streets , districts, squares , metro stations, parks named after Russian famous people that have little to do with Belarus. Those people haven’t visited our country on a single occasions having contributed little to our history and culture.

History is history. Today, Mecodonia is a separate state and Macedonian is a separate ethnicity recognised by most countries of the world. We have to respect their decision despite their history and culture was interwined with Bulgarian, Greek, Serbian, Ottoman. That’s how I see it.