>The jews killed no one.

The elders twisted Pilate’s hand into crucifying Jesus by threatening to complain to the emperor that he (Pilate) was tolerating sedition. The mob cried “crucify him” when Pilate tried one last time to avoid it. The Jews used the Romans to do their dirty work much like someone hires a hitman (or blackmails one in this case).

>They all believe in the god of Abraham.
They do not. In Christianity, Jesus is God. He’s the “cornerstone” (actually capstone) that holds the whole edifice together. Jews reject Chist – i.e. God – hence they cannot simultaneously believe in him because:

John 10:30 “The father and I are one.”

The question is then, if not the god of Abraham, what exactly do the Jews believe in?

Muslims on the other hand reject both Christ and the Holy Spirit and worship a moon rock. Obviously, despite pretenses they worship something completely different.