Belarusian is a relatively new ethnic term. Terms Malorosy (Ukrainians), Belorusy (Belarusians) and Veilikorosy (Russians) were invented by Tsarist authority during Catherine reign after partition of Polish-Lithuanian commonwealth in 1795. After 1917 Malorosy and Velikorosy changed to Ukrainians (украинцы) and Russians (русские). Belarusians kept the name. Prior to 1795 a good half of Belarusian ancestors including those living in Minsk were identifying themselves (Litvins) Lithuanians, the other half (eastern & southern Belarus) as Ruthenians. To answer your question Lithuanians don’t desecrate anything replacing Belarusian with Lithuanian, as there is no Belarusian among historic artifacts in relations to an ethnicity or group of people.