@ghpedroso difference between those four is indeed insignificant, they’re basically the same, just dialect differ. In one region all Serbs, Croats, Bosniaks and Montengrins living there speak the same language and same dialect of it, only difference is how they call it. But even here on this forum there are people that claim those four (or at least two) are very distinct languages. This comment will probably summon them :smiley:
here’s warning on Bosnian cigarettes, just to show how ridiculous it is.
 one to the left is in Croatian (I only know because it’s from Croatian website) and to the right you have one from Bosnia, notice that first two warnings are exactly the same (those are in Bosnian and Croatian, I don’t know which is which), bottom one is in Serbian, only difference is Cyrillic alphabet,  and it transliterates as “Pušenje ozbiljno šteti vama i drugima oko vas”