In Slovenia, everyone who had a permanent residence in the territory of Slovenia on the day 25. 06. 1991 was allowed to acquire citizenship of the new Republic of Slovenia. The cost was 600SIT = 3 EUR.

Those who did not apply till the day 26.02.1992 were erased from all registers.

The wast majority of this people were those who were calculating that they would be better off back in Serbia. Later when they realized that we were not crushed by the Yugoslavian army and that Slovenia would be a better place for them to live, they wanted it back.. 

However, there were some people who at the beginning of the war were for what ever reason not in Slovenia and were not able to return in Slovenia till 1992. 

At the end European court ruled out that all this people should get compensation for all years they were erased from the register. The end of the story:)