Interesting discussion. Let me comment as an ethnic Macedonian with ancestry from the Republic of Macedonia. From a Macedonian perspective we see Bulgaria as a state that wants to divide Macedonia with Albania or take Macedonia completely. I guess this comes from historical experience of that happening in WW1 and WW2. We see Bulgarian policy towards Macedonia unchanged since the 19th century ie., Macedonians are really Bulgarians and therefore Macedonia belongs to Bulgaria. The anti-Bulgarian feelings amongst ethnic Macedonians stems from the fact that this policy remains unchanged today  – Bulgaria recognizes the state, but not the ethnicity of the people. Macedonians want to live in their own state, and so understandably feel nervous about such policies of Bulgaria, given historical experience. From this stems discussions about the differences between Bulgarians and Macedonians and we feel compelled to show these differences, with some extreme arguments amongst others. If Bulgaria and Bulgarians accepted the reality of the Macedonian ethnicity and language for example, there would not be such animosity towards the Bulgarians, from the Macedonians. Macedonians for example look favourably towards the Serbs because they do exactly that and therefore respect our wishes and rights to self identity. Perhaps Bulgaria could take a leaf out of Serbia’s book, especially since Serbia recognized us as South Serbs at one point, for the same reasons Bulgaria recognizes us as Bulgarians….