@aaaaa Its a really interesting thread this one, maybe because I feel connected to it in someways.  I don’t recall any of our ancestors calling themselves Bulgarians.  Our local church in the Greek village that my father’s family comes from was originally built in the 1500s as a Greek Orthodox Church.  Hellenisation was well underway for several centuries, yet the local language survived. This same church was burnt down during Ottoman raids, and reconstructed several times.  Yet the entire village was slavic.  Slavic was spoken at home, yet the Greek language was mainly used in trade especially in the towns/cities. No Pontic Greeks moved in our village in the early 1900s, but there were large numbers of Pontic Greeks that move into several surrounding villages and changed the ethnic composition of the region.  My grandpa (detho), also told me stories about how Goce Delcev visited our village when his father was alive and before the Ottoman Empire was divided. My ancestors came from the western part of Aegean Macedonia/Northern Greece.