@aaaaa  Going slightly off topic, I follow and trade markets and look at national economic stats/population demographics to identify markets to trade in.  I find the economic state of Balkan countries very interesting.  For example I have this theory that the more north east you go in the Former YU countries, the more wealthy the countries are in terms of infrastructure and their economies (Eg Slovenia, then Croatia seem better off, in comparison to the southern parts of FYR Macedonia).  

Then I read some articles on Bulgaria and its rapid rate of depopulation. I also found it interesting looking on google maps/street view and quite a few of the rural areas are really run-down and the roads seem to be in a bad condition in Bulgaria and FYR Macedonia.  

What are some of the reasons as to why Bulgaria has experienced such a decay in the infrastructure and the condition of the rural houses? What happened to all the old rural jobs? 

I know unemployment rates are improving to 7.7% in Bulgaria, which is very low for the Balkans, but wages are quite low also, and the rural areas seem poor.  The rural areas seem to be in a similar condition to FYR Macedonia.

On the Greek side of the granitza (border) the rural areas of Macedonia in Northern Greece seem better maintained in terms of the housing and the roads, even despite their current crisis.

I’m not trying to make out Bulgaria is bad or anything, but I just want to know where the economy went wrong particularly in the rural areas? and what is the Govt trying to do to keep the young people in the country? and what is the Govt doing to improve the rural areas for jobs and infrastructure?

Your insights are welcome.