Bulshit. The scientific revolution made overpopulation possible. Yay scientific revolution. It’s kinda neat though, don’t get me wrong, entertaining, but as for some great improvement of the human condition? Nah.

The horrible inquisition executed some 800 people over the span of several centuries. Criminally lenient if you ask me. There’s no way so few deserved a good burning, especially considering what the Spanish had to deal with (crypto Jews and muslim infiltrators).
The enlightened French revolution executed that many every other day. Really embarassing, Inquisition, shame on you.

Another thing, a great many of those arrested by the inquisition walked away with a penalty on the order of  200 hail marys. Those arrested by the secular authorities of the time on the other hand weren’t so lucky. How do we know all this? Well, the bastards kept logs for one thing.

The “wicked words” is still a thing, too. If you have not experienced it, it might be because you haven’t expressed controversial thoughts.
The great Galileo got into trouble (and walked) because he insulted the pope, who happened to be his personal friend. Total arsehole if you ask me. The way they tell the story in popular media you’d think the Church went after him because duh heliocentric system hurts muh religius feels or something. Nope. It was his insufferable asshatery. They should’ve at least given him a good beating.