I remember back in high school we could choose between the two subjects: “citizen’s education” or “religion science” (I’m literally translating here because both of those titles were ridiculous). I picked “religion science” only because there was no testing and you could sleep on classes and save energy for more important subjects smiley

I was baptized as a baby but I don’t think I ever got a cross. I don’t have opinion on some issues of religion(such as if there is God, if there is more then one God, is there heaven and/or hell, has anyone ever experienced all of the aforementioned phenomenas on another level…), but the way I see it organized religions are made for two reason:
a) to control mentally fragile people more easily with punishment – reward models
b) in (mostly) earlier times to include yet another tax to the people
c) to give excuse for raising and army and send people to work
So in general, organized religions are evil and I think its pretty self-answering whether I wear a cross or not smile