It is one of symptoms of desacralization in roman catholic church after 2nd vatican council in 1960s.
It enforced a new liturgy where many aspects were ambiguous and undefined and some priests seen that as a room for "creative approach".

This video shows an extreme case of such approach:
Catholic and Orthodox Liturgy Compared

Some of very conservative roman catholic bishops and priests during pontificate of John Paul II almost went to schism (lefebvrists, sedesvacantists) but Benedict XVI tried to reconcile most of them by allowing the old Tridentine liturgy, as he himself is conservative. Still the crisis in the roman catholic part of catholic church is going on and Tridentine liturgy in latin is being more widespread as counterweight to extremely desacralized postcouncil liturgy. Both are extremes and becoming more and more prevalent.

On the other hand, concerts of church singing ensembles in temples (outside liturgy) are generally no problem.

Svatoslava: what is European tradition of Christianity? There are many traditions  ;)


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