we got more jobs than a Mafia hitman in my region.  We've brought over several relatives from Ukraine and are in the process of getting more.

There's no recession.  Most of Canada and Australia is doing well.  Countries like Spain have always been a dog's breakfast.  America's unemployment (once you take out Afro-Americans), probably isn't that bad either.  I heard in Dakota it's just like Alberta, any able man who's not mentally retarded can earn big bucks.

People who complain there are no 'jobs' are usually young adults who only want to work in retail part time for $10 a hour.  If you're a strong man without work experience, you can get $15-$25 (and even more if your willing to work in the oil sands or on a farm with a lot of labour work).  A Slav wth the right papers, no experience and good English skills can get a $90,000+ wage no problem on the Oil Sands.  However, Eastern Europeans don't really know about that and subsequently our companies sometimes have to hire Africans or whoever can fill the work gap.

My friend owns a farm and by law (before hiring foreign workers) they have to advertise on Craigslist and the internet.  The only people who respond to his job are usually from Quebec (a region which is economically not doing so well) and these workers all say they only want to pick fruit, no labour whatsoever… Brats from Quebec..!..  therefore my friend brings in workers from Mexico and Eastern Europe.  I often have to act as his translator on hs farm.


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