Pretty much.  My Eastern European relatives are "Doctors" and educated people and they receive a "good living wage" of $600 bucks each.  I think they pull in a little more than $10,000 a year and that's effectively Middle Class for them.

They come to Canada, live in the oil sand Dormitory or rent free on a farm and they can take in a multiplication of a middle class wage without any effort.  That's why they come over here, it's simple math of being a Doctor and pulling $5000ish or $90,000 as a labour man.

There's an ethical issue though, should the best minds of Eastern Europe do the dirty work here?

Yeah, doing just labor work in Canada would earn you equally amount of money monthly as a minister, doctor, manager here … thought then again that exactly is the reason why eastern-Euro countries don't have high immigration rates…but i just wonder how much our people can take, i mean in western-Europe where they're basically swimming in money they're still protesting against the government on a daily basis, while here people are forced to struggle just for their family to survive and yet you see no one protesting…


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