According to official statistics, distributed by RT and other brainwashing TV,  Russia has almost perfect economy, the lowest taxes in Europe, the happiest people, the smartest independent president, it's an oasis of stability. At least I talked with few sub-h***ns from USA, impressed by these rumors, who want to migrate from "dying USA" to "rising Russia"  :). Actually all last years Russia had the worst economy in Europe (except some post soviet republics), the lowest salary, almost same taxes in % with Europe, the highest inflation, especially for essential goods, corrupted government system. During the crisis, Russia had the largest decline in economy among so-called BRIC countries, expressed in the growth of unemployment, lower wages, production downtime, and the crisis even in the mining industry. This economy isn't sinking boat, it's a living corpse, which exists due to high oil prices and traditional Russian calmness.

If Russians acted like Greece people then Moscow would be burned down to the ground already. 


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