In the Netherlands, we're having quite a severe crisis. We're having the lowest economic growth in this part of Europe (even Belgium performs better than us) and national debt is on the increase, as well as unemployment. People graduating from the university are having a really hard time finding a job.
The ruling government has been trying to do reforms and cut spendings (on of the biggest budget cuts will be in Education  >:( ), but to no avail. Last May, the ruling government coalition collapsed over talks regarding the national budget and the demands from the EU, which state that the budget deficit of its members have to be 3% or lower (or something like that). I believe The Netherlands are at 6% now.
So in conclusion: the economy here is quite bad and until we have a new government (elections will be in September, so I guess we'll have a new government coalition in December at earliest  :-) nothing drastic can be done.


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